Welcome to the documents section of the website.  In this page are the documents relevant to the running of BDS Wales which include its Rules, Policies specific to Wales, Event Guidelines, Committee meeting dates and Agendas, précis Minutes of the last Committee meeting, the AGM agenda and un-ratified minutes ready for the AGM. All other policies of BDS Wales are available from BDS Head Office or on the main British Driving Society Website.

Officials Re-election dates:

CHAIRPERSONRobert ParryFeb 2027
VICE-CHAIRPERSONMorfydd GreatorexNov 2026
TREASURERMichael GreatorexNovember 2026
SECRETARYNeil Buffery November 2026
RIGHTS OF WAY OFFICERPenny HopkinsFebruary 2027
 WEBSITE ADMIN Chris Laing (Non-voting) 
NORTH EAST WALES ACFaith SandersJune 2024
NORTH WEST WALES ACMorfydd GreatorexAug 2025
MID EAST WALES ACAurwen Williams/Clare PowellMar 2023
WEST WALES ACDelia HardingJan 2024
WEST SOUTH WALES ACRowena MoyseMar 2023
MID SOUTH WALES ACVictoria Kedward
EAST SOUTH WALES ACAurwen Williams (acting) Mar 2023

BDS Wales Rules, Guidelines and Policies (specific to Wales)

Download / view the BDS Wales Rules in PDF format

Download / view the BDS Wales Rules in MS Word format


Events such as Area Shows and the Trec series have their own complaints procedures as set out in their Rules. If a complainant is not satisfied with the outcome from these procedures, they are able to refer it to the BDS Wales Committee. This should be received in writing by the BDS Wales Secretary not later than 7 days after the event occurred.

Any other complaint can be sent to the BDS Wales Committee within 7 days of an issue occurring and should be received in writing by the BDS Wales Secretary. Complaints received after this deadline will not be considered.