S. E. Wales Show Results

Area 49 results

The BDS S. E. Wales area show had a great day from which AC Pat reports..“Well our show has been and gone. As usual I vowed beforehand that this would be the last I would organise. There are so many things to do. Have we enough sponsors? Did I remember to order rosettes? Is the schedule right and have I sent a copy to the Judge and the BDS. A week before we had virtually no entries and I was frantically sending schedules out to all and sundry.
The day before the show, we set out the ring and crossed our fingers for a dry day.
The morning of the show arrived. Early to the showground. Set up the secretary’s tent. Will the person who offered a table remember it? The lady doing the Judges lunch has been poorly, I hope she is alright for the day otherwise it will be the local chip shop. Set up the loudspeakers. They wouldn’t work. Judge arrived and we were actually ready.
As usual the show rolled along exactly as it should. We had enough entries and the Judge was lovely to everyone. (Thank you Heather Noad!) No-one had an accident and everyone was polished to within an inch of their lives.
End of the day and everyone was very complimentary. Took down the ring, picked up the rubbish from the field and headed to home for a take away and a large bottle of wine.
Will I do it again next year. Probably if I don’t have a complete breakdown before then.”