BDS Wales 2019 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Welsh Branch of the British Driving Society held –

Sunday November 17th 2019 at 12.30pm

 Llanbadarn Fawr & District Community Centre (Old School), Crossgates, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. LD1 6RE.

We are pleased to welcome BDS Chairman Neil Wray

Refreshments will be provided


  1. Welcome and address by the Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Sunday Nov 19th 2018
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Matters arising from the report
  7. Proposals submitted for consideration
  8. Presentation of Junior Awards
  9. Date, Time and Venue of the next meeting

– Closure of the minuted meeting.

  1. A.O.B

Minutes from the 2018 BDS Wales AGM


 BDS Wales Annual General Meeting – Llanbadarn Fawr Community Hall

Sunday 4th November 2018 at 1.00pm

 Members present

Ms J Lambert, Mrs P Hopkins, J. Todd, Mr N. Buffery, Mrs A. Birch, Mr B. Birch, , Mrs H. Stevens, Ms E Stevens, Ms A. Say, Mrs M. Greatorex, Mr M Greatorex, Miss E. Ham, Mr Ll Chapman, Ms E Hart, Ms J Ferguson, Mrs V Kedward, Mr J Kedward, Ms B Headworth, Mrs C Whiting, Mr D Whiting, Mr C Ward,  Mrs E Stevens, Mr C A Jones, Ms R Royle, Mr T Jackson, Mr M Humphries, Mrs J Humphries, Ms J Parr, Ms V Parr, Mrs H Knight, Mr R Knight, Ms A Morris, Ms J Cartwright, Ms D McPhee, Ms S Rooke, Mrs T Jones, Mr R Jones


1. Welcome and address by the Chair Mrs P Hopkins

The Chair Penny Hopkins opened the BDS Wales Annual General Meeting welcoming members and thanking them and committee members, for attending today’s meeting.

Penny went on to say, ‘As you know I have only been in post for a short time and am experiencing a very great learning curve.  I hope you will bear with me as I become more familiar with the duties of the Welsh Chair.

As you will all know, Angela Sixsmith has retired from the chair of the BDS and Brian Ball has been elected as the new chair with Neil Wray as vice chair. Congratulations to both on their new positions, Angela has worked tirelessly during her time in office and we wish her well on her retirement.

All our A/C positions are now filled and all areas seem to be working well with lots of activities on offer. Please support you area commissioners by attending the drives and activities that they work so hard to arrange.

The website is functioning well and Chris Laing has agreed to be website editor, we would like to thank him for his time and expertise. He asks however if he is to receive photo galleries they must be reduced in size. Photos for the web only need to be 800px by 600px .

Unfortunately Angharad Morris has had to resign as publicity officer due to work commitments so if anyone feels that they could take on this role we would be grateful.

Eleven young drivers attended the Welsh camp held once again at Monnington Court by kind permission of John Bulmer and his wife.  The weather was excellent and the juniors thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Many thanks to Gwenda Kesans for her expertise in organising all the activities and for running the camp so well, thanks also to everyone who contributed to what was an extremely popular and successful event.   Thanks also to Morfydd and Mick Greatorex for presenting all participants with a commemorative medal.

Those who participated in the Wales Portfolio Competition attended camp at a reduced rate, with the winners of each age section only paying half the cost.  Emily will further comment on the juniors achievements in due course.

The Brian Sims Scholarship Day was held at the end of camp, enabling some youngsters to have an extra, if possibly somewhat nerve lacking day.  Gary Docking, Sarah Dance, Michelle Peters, Simon and Gwen Kesans were the assessors   Thanks go to Emily for organizing this prestigious day which again she will speak of further.

The BDS Wales Show committee would like to thank all the sponsors who gave so generously and in particular to Derrick and Cynthia Whiting who sponsored not only a class but also the Welsh championship and its rosettes.

The weather on the day was poor however competitors had, on the whole a very good day, thanks to all those who participated and to all stewards and helpers, without whom the show could not take place.

Congratulations to those who this year have been successful at our own BDS Wales and Area shows, and also in the wider showing world, with Welsh members being successful at the prestigious UK national competitions.’

2. Apologies for absence.

Mr M Kesans Mrs G. Kesans, Mr S Kesans, Mrs G Kesans, Mrs H Manns, Mr N. Dutson, Mrs P. Dutson,  Mrs M. Peters, Ms C Ogden, Ms E Atkins, Mr C Laing, L Moulden, Ms M Lloyd Bainbridge, Mr R Hopkins, Mrs A Davies


 3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 19th November 2017

 That the minutes of the 2017 meeting be accepted as a true record

Proposed: Joanne Lambert
Seconded: Cynthia Whiting
Carried unanimously.

 4. Matters arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising

5. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurers report was shared with the meeting.  It was noted that the show made a loss of £131.

Proposed: Helen Stevens
Seconded:  Edwina Hart
Carried unanimously

6. Matters Arising from the Treasurer’s Report

 No question arose

7. Proposals submitted for consideration

There were no proposals forward

8. Presentation of Junior Awards

Emily described to the meeting the achievements of the Young Drivers through the year with awards made as follows: –

The Wales Portfolio competition

Older category winner, Sian Rooke and runner up, Rachael Cottee

Younger category winner, Jack Kedward

Endeavour Award, Janis Kesans


The Ian Townsend Portfolio Competition

There were 6 entries this year – 3 in the older age category and 3 in the younger group. The standard of the portfolios was very good with all candidates showing enthusiasm and commitment to their driving and it was a very close run decision in choosing the final winners.

The winner of the older category was Sian Rooke, with Rebecca Jones Reserve. Rachel Cottee was Highly Commended for her entry.

The winner of the younger category was Jack Kedward, with Llewelyn Chapman, Reserve. Janis Kesans was Highly Commended.


The winners of the Brian Sims Scholarship in the older category was Rachael Cottee and in the younger group, Jack Kedward.  Llewelyn Chapman won the Best Driver award.


 9. Trec

The Trec Championship Trophy and Rosette to Morfydd Greatorex


Date and venue of the next meeting Penny brought the meeting to a close thanking everyone for their attendance, work and support throughout the year and most particularly, in respect of the AGM, thanking Mick and Morfydd for providing refreshments and running the raffle.


The next AGM will take place on the 3rd Sunday in November 2018 at Llanbadarn Fawr Community Hall.