BDS Wales Junior Portfolio Results 2019

BDS Wales Junior Portfolio Results 2019

Each year, BDS Wales young drivers are encouraged by the committee to put forward a portfolio of their driving and as a reward they have their place at the annual junior camp subsidised. This year there were 5  entries and the judge Sarah Dance was very impressed by them all.

Portfolio Results:

Under 10 years :  Winner Logan Lloyd Bainbridge
10-14 years : Winner:  Piper Thomas
15-17 years: Winner: Jack Kedward
Highly Commended : Sian Rooke and Llewelyn Chapman

Sarah wrote lovely individual comments for every entry and also her overall view on the portfolios She is very enthusiastic about them,.”Overall, I was impressed with how much work, detail and thought each participant had put into their portfolios.  While they all ranged significantly in style and content, it was apparent that each one had been put together with a great deal of pride and care, and no doubt taken a long time to collate, edit and finish.

As with all these competitions, particularly those involving such charming youngsters, it is a shame that they have to be graded and therefore placed.  They were all winners and I hope that this is relayed to them all!”

Late entries for Junior Camp, 16th – 18th August, are still being accepted!

Photo from 2018’s Junior Camp